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Research and Evaluation Services

Dr Romy Winter offers specialised consulting services in program evaluation and social/market research for government, business and the non-government sector throughout Tasmania. Recent projects have included evaluations in community capacity building, workforce development and programs for vulnerable families.

Evaluation Services
Policy and program evaluation
Do you need an independent evaluator to develop a report to a funding organisation on your program or project? Romy can summarise your organisational data to provide an analysis of the processes, outcomes and outputs of your project as well as obtaining feedback from clients and other organisations.

Are you at the beginning of your project and need a tool developed so you can collect meaningful data through the life of the project?  Do you need a feedback tool for your clients? 

Do you have an idea for a project?  Romy can conduct an environmental or scoping scan on the kinds of programs and best practice solutions that are running elsewhere in Australia or overseas, or summarise the current literature in an area that you may want to develop a program.

Research Services
Do you need to do a paper-based, email or online survey of your clients?
Romy has many years experience in designing the right kind of feedback mechanism for your needs.  She can develop a set of questions which will give you a quick snapshot of the main issues for your organisation or something more detailed for complex issues.  Romy can advise on the size of the sample you need and best method of distribution for your purpose and budget.

Romy will summarise and analyse your feedback responses or organisational data using Excel or SPSS.

Qualitative Research
Do you need information that requires doing a series of interviews with individuals or groups?  Romy can conduct face to face or telephone interviews with individual members of your target group or run focus groups of 8-10 people.

Sample Qualitative Research Report 

Do you have detailed comments sitting in paper reports,  transcripts  or on a computerised information system that need to be summarised and analysed for common themes?  This is called 'content analysis' and Romy can assist you in extracting the information you need from systems you already have in place.

Other Services
You may also have other requirements such as needing a report written or edited by an independant professional; a funding submission prepared; or a bibliography constructed of the main literature on a particular issue. 

Updated    31 July 2012

Research and Evaluation ServicesClientsFamily Violence ResearchContact